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Sav's Lex is

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Sav has been making his own, Sav's Chill, ice cream since 2012.  
He also has his food products: Sav's Piment, habanero sauce, and 
Sav's Vinaigrette, salad dressing and marinade which
are the result of his long-running West African restaurant.

HOME: Welcome


soon we will have more information here...

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Sav grew up in Guinea, located on the west coast of Africa, and gleaned his cooking skills from his talented mother and sisters. Sav met his wife, Rachel, when she was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea. They moved to Lexington, Kentucky, Rachel's home prior to Peace Corps life, and started their family.

Everything about this place is fantastic. This locally owned west African eatery is fast, clean, charming, and friendly. The dishes are so flavorful and filling. There was not anything that was not 5 stars. And definitely treat yourself to ice cream at the end.

Sav's is awesome. Everyone in our house is vegetarian and we are all able to order something different. Really appreciate the big selection. The icecream is a must, too! Sav makes it himself!

So good! Very flavorful and different from most restaurants in the city. And the ice cream is as good as everyone says it is.

Michael Burchett

Megan Martin

Sierra H.

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