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  • Sarah Simon-Patches

Employee Highlights

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Employee Highlight #1: Meet Reina Slaymaker, Sav's Administrative Assistant and a server at the restaurant. Reina is a Lexington native, and in addition to working for Sav, she has worked for Sav’s wife Rachel Savané at Savané Silver. She’s also the President of GEO (Guatemalan Educational Outreach) a non-profit Organization that started an English Immersion School in Guatemala where she lived and taught for 2 years.

Reina’s favorite thing about working at Sav's is the community. "We have an extremely friendly staff, and customers who feel like family. It's wonderful to see a business you really care about being supported by so many people."

Come say hi! We are open Monday - Saturday 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Employee Highlight #2: Meet Conner Hursh, who started working with Sav’s in December right before the new location was getting ready to open. He is from Traverse, Michigan.

Conner moved to Lexington from Iowa with his now fiance, Kari Barnhart. Conner loves traveling and has lived in different cities across the United States, with San Francisco, California being his favorite. He has toured Europe with a choir, has done stand-up comedy, and is a trained mixologist. Conner would like to, and is looking forward to owning a bar in the future!

We love having Conner on our team here at Sav’s! Visit us at 630 East Main Street to say hi to Conner!

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