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Sav’s Relationship with Grehan Associates

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Grehan Associates is a University of Kentucky student-run communications firm that assists local Lexington businesses, like Sav’s, with a variety of social media management, event planning, and graphic design needs. Before the relationship between Grehan Associates and Sav’s Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream began, Sav combined his two businesses, Sav’s Grill and Sav’s Chill, into one: Sav’s Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream and relocated to 630 East Main Street in December 2019. Therefore, when Sav decided to partner with Grehan Associates for their help with new clientele and strategic communication services, he had the combination of delicious West-African cuisine and gourmet ice cream all in one place: the corner of East Main Street and Old Lafayette.

In August of 2020, Grehan Associates officially made Sav’s Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream a client with the goal of helping Sav’s increase their brand awareness with social media marketing, press releases, and website innovations. In October and November, Sav’s was in the University of Kentucky Gatton Student Center dining hall serving his amazing dishes to hungry students and staff on the go. Grehan Associates has been promoting this ongoing event by passing out flyers around U.K. 's campus, BCTC, and Transylvania University as well as highlighting these events on Grehan Associates’ Instagram account. In addition to providing strategic communication services, Grehan Associates is currently working on upgrading Sav’s website ( to make it more user-friendly and accessible to consumers.

Grehan Associates has gotten the incredible opportunity to work with Sav’s, and the dynamic relationship that has grown between this association and business continues to blossom every day. The Account Executive for Sav’s Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream is Lindsey Takaoka, who has worked to create this immense bond and continues to lead her team to be driven and work diligently.

Sav serving in Champions: U.K.'s Dining Hall Lindsey Takaoka, Account Executive for Sav's

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