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  • Madison McNamara

Sav's Collaboration with Nourish Lexington Food Chain

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Sav’s Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream has not only provided amazing African cuisine and delicious treats to its customers, but it has also banded together with other local restaurants, caterers, non-profit leaders, and more to help the local community during this ongoing pandemic. One of Sav’s most recent partnerships is with Nourish Lexington—a collaboration between FoodChain, Keeneland, Visit LEX and the Murry Family Foundation—that was created in April of 2020. A fund was then established between all organizations to provide meals to those in need while highlighting and giving back to the talented cooks doing the work. Sav’s is participating by preparing hundreds of meals of his stews and rice each week for FoodChain.

In addition to Sav’s Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream, there are hundreds of other partners, volunteers, and donors that make up Nourish Lexington and allow the organization to run daily. With many hands on deck, Nourish Lexington is still faithful to its roots and built upon love and kindness that shine through their acts of service. Together, this organization and Sav’s Restaurant & Gourmet Ice Cream help ensure that youths, seniors and adults have access to freshly-made meals during this hard time.

Check back here on our blog for more updates about how we give back to our community!

One of Sav's dishes: Mafen Beef

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